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Riding the Elephant: Survival and love with a bipolar partner

Catharine examines the influences that helped her to maintain her sanity and the sanctity of marriage with a talented and troubled husband. She aims to empower other who care deeply about someone affected with bipolar disorder.

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New Edition
In the Stillness Dancing —
The Journey of John Main
Journalist, soldier, barrister
and Benedictine monk, John
Main restored Christian meditation
to its rightful place within the Church,
and his compelling teachings
transformed the lives of thousands
of people.
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Newly published
McKenty Live! The Lines
Are Still Blazing
This is a collection of colourful
stories, cartoons and articles,
by and about Neil
—broadcaster, writer and
former Jesuit—
highlighting his radio
talk-show, world-view,
and his writing ability
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Torchflame Books Edition
Skiing Legends and The Laurentian Lodge Club
This book invites you to curl up beside the fire and journey to a time when Montrealers skied down Peel Street and the Laurentians were “the wild west” of Quebec.

Third Edition
Polly of
Bridgewater Farm

This is the true story of an
idyllic Irish childhood torn asunder by the ‘Great Famine’ of 1847, and the trials of emigration over the seas to a new life in Canada.

The Other Key The Inside Story

E-book Edition
The Other Key
This detective novel has
Inspector Main, Homicide
Division, Montreal Police,
tracking a killer
like a leopard stalking a
gazelle through the
streets of Montreal,
London, and Dublin.
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E-book Edition
The Inside Story
A story of toxic religion,
sex and celibacy,
drinking and depression,
and how they led towards
self-discovery and
spiritual awakening.
For anyone on the
journey to wholeness.
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Mitch Hepburn
Centennial Biography Award-winning
Mitch Hepburn
With a sense of style and high adventure,
this is the biography of Ontario’s Premier Mitch Hepburn,
the youngest Premier in Ontario’s history
and one of the great enigmas of Canadian politics.
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